8 Gold-Star Tips on Moving with Kids

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Moving with kids

From Los Angeles to Pasadena, movers in California already have enough to contend with — heavy traffic, heat, and humidity can make a stressful task even MORE stressful. Add kids into the mix and the next thing you know, you’re ready to kick off a full-blown tantrum.

Before you resort to putting yourself in a time-out, take a deep breath and follow these tips on how to master a move with kids. It’s easier than finger painting — pinky swear!

1.  Order a pizza with EXTRA pepperoni (and dipping sauce) and explain that your family is going to embark on a new adventure together.

2.  Explain the positive reasons for the move (a promotion, a nicer house, a closer location to family).

3.  Allow your children to ask questions (“Yes, you will get your own room.” “No, there will not be a roller coaster in the backyard.”)

4.  Help them name their feelings. Even if your precious angel is screaming, “I’M NOT GOING! I’M STAYING AT STEPHANIE’S HOUSE! FOREVER!” resist the urge to scold. Acknowledge their difficulty by saying something like, “You must be feeling so sad to leave your friends. I completely understand why you’re upset right now.”

5.  If they’re ready to talk, listen. If not … give them some time to calm down.

6.  Help them to make a plan. If they’re upset about leaving their soccer team, help them research soccer leagues in the area. If they’re scared of losing touch with their friends, help them brainstorm ways to stay in touch.

7.  Enlist in your child’s help. Can your toddler help to decorate the moving boxes? Can your middle-schooler help pick paint colors? Can your teenager help to clear out the garage?

8.  Keep small children busy during the move. While your packing, moving, and unpacking, make sure your kids have things to keep them busy. Coloring books, puzzles, handheld games can occupy your young ones while you’re busy with the logistics.

Now that your kids have settled in with a coloring book and are excitedly awaiting the big move, let the Pasadena residential movers at NC Texas Moving Company worry about the traffic, heat, and humidity. Now you can sit back and relax with a … don’t they make coloring books for adults now?