The 5 Best Countries to Move to This Year

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Summer is the season of possibility. The warm, sun-filled days invite people to explore new horizons and pursue unique adventures. As one of the top Houston international moving companies, our expert team at N.C. Texas Moving understands that getaway plans abroad are common during the summer, but what if you’re ready for a permanent change?

Perhaps you’re looking for a new cultural experience, or you’re moving overseas for work. There are endless reasons to consider an international move, but there are several factors to consider when selecting your destination. A country’s natural beauty and cultural scene aren’t always the best indicators of whether it’s right for you. You’ll also have to consider less glamorous details like importation laws and cost-of-living.Deciding on one country can be tough but, before you contact our Houston international movers, check out these five countries that consistently satisfy newcomers:



Located on South America’s northwestern coast, Ecuador is a popular relocation destination, primarily because of its low cost of living. New residents from overseas often marvel at the lower costs of utilities and event tickets. They also jump for joy when receiving sales tax refunds. Additionally, Ecuador is known for its rainforests and diverse plant and animal life, including 1,600 bird species and 16,000 plant species.


With 300 days of sunshine every year, Malta is the perfect country for those looking for summer year round. Its location – 50 miles south of Italy – is a traveler’s dream as the country draws roughly 1.2 million visitors and thousands of new residents a year. Newcomers can import their cars without a registration fee if they’ve owned them for at least two years and there are no quarantine restrictions for imported pets if owners provide the required veterinarian records.


Luxembourg is a culturally rich destination that provides a full western European experience in less than 1,000 square miles. During the day, Luxembourg residents enjoy secure jobs that promote work-life balance as well as reliable public transit. By night, they savor delicious cuisine that mixes French, German, and Portuguese influences. Luxembourg is also very accommodating to English-speaking newcomers, as many residents speak it despite Luxembourgian and French being the primary languages.

New Zealand

Nine-hundred miles east of Australia, New Zealand has incredibly diverse geographic areas and natural formations, from trenches and lakes to mountain ranges and volcanic zones. Also, since the country was uninhabited by humans for so long, it has developed a staggering ecosystem populated by thousands of plant and animal species. This combined with New Zealand’s warm, vineyard-friendly climate creates a laid-back culture.


One of the most well-known countries on the southeast Asian mainland, Thailand mixes beautiful geography with thrilling city life. The list of things to do and see in Thailand can seem endless, with hundreds of tropical islands, diving sites, pulsing nightclubs, and revered cultural landmarks, including numerous Buddhist temples. Thailand is perfect for those that welcome a complete culture shock. Few residents speak English fluently so, while it may take time, determined newcomers have the opportunity to discover and adapt to a completely different culture.

No matter your destination, rest assured that our Houston international moving services and state-of-the-art resources will deliver a seamless, stress-free door-to-door relocation. Give our friendly representatives at N.C. Texas Moving a call today, or fill out our quick online form to receive your free, no-obligation quote!