Tips for Moving Out of State – Advice from Our Full Service Movers

Tips for Moving Out of State – Advice from Our Full Service Movers

Full service movers offer tips to make moving out of state as easy as possible

Moving out of state can be a daunting task. However, there are few tips that can make
the move a little easier. Here are our tips from the full service movers at NC Texas Moving Services.

Plan Ahead

You will want to start planning for your move as soon as possible. Staying organized
will allow for a smoother move and keep things in order to prevent forgetting some
important task.
Two months before the move enlist the help of full service movers that specialize in out
of state moves to guide you through the necessary steps to prepare to move. Most movers
will provide in-home estimates for the cost of your move. They can also provide you with
necessary packing materials like boxes, protection packaging, moving blankets, and even
packing services.

Stay on Schedule

Avoid last-minute stress by keeping a schedule of when moving related things need to be
done. Communicating this schedule with your moving team will also ensure that everyone
stays on schedule and reduce the risk of any miscommunication.


Our full service movers know that, when you are moving out of state, the expenses are
higher than a smaller move. Trim expenses by reducing what you will be moving. Use this
opportunity to purge items that you no longer use or have not used in a long time.
Donate or sell items that still have life in them. Moving sales can attract a lot of
traffic if you decide to sell many items, especially larger items such as furniture or
electronics. The ideal time for moving sells are in the late spring and early fall when
the weather is not unbearably hot.

Change Your Address

The United States Postal Service suggests changing your address four weeks before your
move to ensure that financial records and important documents are not sent to your old
address after the move. When moving out of state you may want to consider renting a post
office box (PO Box) in your new location until you are moved in and ready to receive

Schedule Utilities

One month before moving, schedule the utilities to be turned off at your old address for
the day after you move. The added day will help to ensure that you will have service if
there is a necessary delay in the move.


Packing what you can before moving day can streamline the process. Pack items that you
will not need as soon as you are able. Avoid packing perishable or fragile materials
until the few days prior to moving out of state.

The Move

On moving day, or the day prior, full service movers will come to your home, pack and
load for you and transport your things to your new location. Additionally, they will
unload and, in most cases, assemble large furniture at your new location.